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Organic And Wellness Spa Products

(Date Created:07-Jan-2022)

The Element Spa Shop

Organic and Wellness Spa Products

The Element is the professional spa products division and a company to develop top to toe spa products exclusively for elite spa and professional aestheticians. The Element continues to be a driving force in the industry’s ongoing research, development and commercial marketing of hair, skin, body care professional and retail products.

Based in The Spa Shop, Langkawi Island, Malaysia since 2002 by ‘The Element’ founder - Jenny Ong, where every project and product is conceived and manufactured, the company has captured the local and international development.

The inspiration behind ‘The Element’ was fueled by Traditional Asian Cultures and organic skin care therapies. These therapies centered on traditional Malaysian healing traditions and its organic ingredients to restore the wholesome health of hair, skin and the entire body system.

The fundamental of Traditional Asian Healing concept that had characterized and distinguished ‘The Element’ in this immense and multifunctional field to approach a sensorial and holistic beauty approach. Our professional product has linked with the most formulative research that visible in our packaging, communication, furnishing, the natural and organic approach.

Our mission of ‘The Element’ is to create local and international recognition which the pleasure of experiencing products and our exclusive services of the highest quality combined with go-green, support natural, truly organic and saving the world.

Our logo expresses two healing hands that invites the discovery of the benefits of healing. It also consist a lively leaves – the precious instruments of natural, life and organic. The ring around the logo represent saving and heal the world.

The Element objective was to offer true value natural and organic products for beauty centres, hotel chain and well-being investor. Our organic products delivered:

Professional Results
Quality Spa Products from Head to Toe
Alcohol Free
No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Mineral Oil Free
No Artificial Colours
Lanolin Free
Effective natural active ingredients


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The Element Spa Shop

The Element Spa Shop

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Tel: +6049668078

No.52, Jalan Pandak Mayah 5, Kuah 07000 Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman Malaysia

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