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Timber Oil Palm Oil And Gas Mining

(Date Created:23-Oct-2018)

Mount Ophir Industries

1) logging - timber sawmills - export
2) mining - export - bauxite , iron ore
3) oil palm supply export
4) oil and gas export
5) property and land sell devolepment
6) wheat , sugar , flour supply

logging - timber sawmills - export
we provide fresh timber from Malaysia-Indonesia

tropical forest . means you order by acres based on

project then we logging , sawmill and export to you .

we have many types of wood from very durable to non

durable . from 300 acres to 100'000 acres .
with order fresh from forest , our client could save

millions of their budget expanses .

our main timber :
- chengal
- bakau
- balau
- jati / teak
- merbau
- kapur
- meranti
- rubberwood

mining - export - bauxite , iron ore
- mining and provide bauxite , iron ore , gold ,
wolfrum and more from Malaysia and Indonesia
- sell mines and supply the products

oil palm supply export
- oil palm tree wood used for timber industry ( new

technology )
- oil palm extracts for export

wheat , sugar , flour supply
- produce and supply
- company who desire to open new product based on wheat , sugar and flour , we could do
for you from designing ,branding , packaging , marketing , supplying

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Mount Ophir Industries

Mount Ophir Industries

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Tel: 6011-32707700

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